Know which zodiac sign is passive or assertive

You're brave, generous, and hopeful when needed. You can be grumpy and short-tempered. You may also be self-centered. Assertiveness describes you.


You're one of the zodiac's kindest signs. You are dependable, persistent, and loyal. If things go wrong, you might be stubborn, sluggish, and possessive. You're passive.


You are the most sociable sign. You're vibrant, headstrong, inventive, and superficial, sometimes too much. You're assertive.


Your perfectionism makes you observant, critical, and helpful. Again, you're excessively finicky and stubborn about minor matters. Your dependability makes you passive.


You are diplomatic, peaceful, and understanding because you balance the cosmos. You analyze and act well. You can be shallow and vain. You're assertive.


The zodiac sign of passion and venom may be loyal, kind, and understanding to those you trust. Dare anyone to betray or hurt you—they will be punished. You can be envious and obsessed. Your trustworthiness makes you passive.


You're free-spirited and lively! You want to explore and find your true self. Your adventurous nature causes impulsivity and carelessness that others don't like. You're assertive.


You're careful, responsible, and ambitious about meeting your family's demands. You are organized, making you the excellent leader. But, your bossy and unimaginative ways can be tiresome. You're passive.


You care deeply. During hard times, people look to you for guidance or comfort. Your cheerful demeanor makes you approachable. You're more passive because you're moody, self-pitying, and clingy.


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