Kim Kardashian Just Wore the Same Belly Chain You Had in High School

Over the past year or two, so many Y2K tendencies have returned that it now feels as though there is a matrix bug.

Kim Kardashian has had a number of not quite vintage manicures in the last few months, 

showing just how strongly she is riding the early-2000s-all-over-again train.

Kardashian's Y2K penchant, like Megan Fox's, also extends to accessories.

In a series of images uploaded on Thursday, March 2, Kardashian can be seen wearing a little black bikini while taking a rooftop shower.

which is strange considering I also do that on Wednesdays. "Search for soul" is the somewhat enigmatic caption,

and while I'm not sure if I discovered the soul in question, I did discover an even teenier-weenier belly chain.

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