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Kelly Ripa Says Her and Mark Consuelos' Kids Have Them Blocked on Social Media

The daytime host remarked about her and Consuelos's three grown children, "They block us any way they can," and she referred to the children as "they."

Even though Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have posted some memorable things on social media, their grown children have no interest in seeing them.

I think they have stopped us," Ripa told E! News about the three children she and Consuelos have.

The couple's sons Michael, 25, and Joaquin, 20, as well as their daughter Lola, 21, are all their children.

Ripa, who is 52, said, "When you have a news feed and it says, "Suggest more or suggest this, like this, or block this channel,"

I have no doubt that they have censored all channels where our names would appear. In the same way that they ignore us online. They're throwing up barriers at every turn.

Consuelos went on to say that she and her husband "respect" the choice that their children make to sometimes avoid the public eye.

"Each kid goes through a stage like, 'Don't talk about us or I'd rather not be a subject,'" Consuelos told the outlet. "We acknowledge."

When Consuelos replaces Ryan Seacrest on Live! with Kelly and Mark on Monday, ipa joked that their three children don't know they'll be working together.