Keanu Reeves pocketed $15M for 380 words in John Wick 4, but Johnny Depp pocketed $1.5M for 150

Recently, John Wick 4 was released in theaters, and with each new film, the brand appears to grow.

The very popular franchise had a very successful and maybe last episode. It's hardly unexpected that Keanu Reeves' salary has increased given that every movie has performed...

...better than its predecessor. However, the quantity of lines supplied to the performer is a little unexpected.

It appears like Reeves' speech has become shorter and shorter with each John Wick film. The actor had a total of 484 words written for his role in the first movie of the John Wick series.

However, despite speaking a total of only 380 lines over the film's three hours, the actor earned a whooping $15 Million for the fourth (and most current) episode.

It's absurd to believe that Keanu Reeves earned millions with only a few hundred lines of dialogue,

but Johnny Depp managed to accomplish the same feat with less than 200.

The first of many more films that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp would collaborate on was Edward Scissorhands (1990).

Depp took the starring role as Edward, a guy with scissors for hands who was constructed by a lonely inventor whose unexpected death leaves Edward unfinished and alone. Tim Burton and Caroline Thompson wrote the narrative.