Jupiter's Transit Through Aries (22 April 2023)

Jupiter is in charge of your ninth and twelfth houses. Important events are about to take place during Jupiter's transit in 2023. Because Aries is a Jupiter-friendly sign, this transit in your horoscope will be distinctive and distinct.

Jupiter Transit: Aries Horoscope

If you are a Taurus, Jupiter governs your eighth and eleventh houses. Taurus residents may have challenges at this time because Jupiter is not friendly to your sign. Jupiter will leave its own zodiac sign and enter your twelfth house, causing your spending to soar.

Jupiter Transit: Taurus Horoscope

For Gemini residents, Jupiter rules the seventh and tenth houses. Jupiter, from your zodiac sign, will enter our eleventh house. This Jupiter Transit 2023 will benefit you in some areas while offering mixed results in others.

Jupiter Transit: Gemini Horoscope

Jupiter rules your tenth and sixth houses. In 2023, Jupiter will transit the tenth house from the zodiac sign of Cancer, causing dramatic changes in the workplace. The transformation you've been yearning for will arrive during this time. Yet, you must also be patient.

Jupiter Transit: Cancer Horoscope

Jupiter is the planet that rules your fifth and eighth houses. On April 22, Jupiter will enter the ninth house from the zodiac sign of Leo.

Jupiter Transit: Leo Horoscope

Jupiter is the ruling planet of your third and sixth houses. Jupiter will transit the seventh house from the Libra zodiac sign. This transit will be highly crucial for you because it will bring about substantial changes in your life.


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