Johnny Depp admires Brits: 'British people are cool' on 850-acre Somerset estate

The actor resides on an 850-acre estate in Somerset, United Kingdom, where he prefers a quiet life.

Depp has relocated to Somerset in southwest England after his highly publicized defamation trial with Amber Heard last year.

A Downton Abbey-style estate, Somerset Mansion, is a 19th century mansion with 12 bedrooms and eight bathrooms that the actor purchased for £13 million in 2014.

Pirates of the Caribbean actor talked about his newfound introversion in Somerset Life magazine's April 2023 issue, where he posed for a photoshoot.

According to Somerset County Gazette, Depp said he loves places with character. Each house has a special meaning for me. They aren't just for show, I use them because they are special."

A dairy farm and walled gardens surround this Somerset manor house. According to the Sweeney Todd star, "one of the many things I love about Britain is how there is history everywhere."

According to Depp, he no longer has to deal with people asking for selfies in shops, which he does not mind "up to a point" but it can sometimes get "a little too crowded.”

In Britain, people greet you like a friend - without being overbearing. “I like to travel, see things, and meet people, but I'm not much of an extrovert.”

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