John Wick forever altered the course of cinema.

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As a plot, John Wick's "hitman comes out of retirement to avenge his dog's death" appears as morbid as it is unbankable.

Many people were concerned when Keanu Reeves first expressed interest in John Wick that killing a puppy would be too extreme.

However, with the help of directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, Reeves' film—and its three sequels, including this week's John Wick:

Chapter 4—went on to show just how popular that premise could be. Also, how feasible was it to build an entirely new franchise from scratch?

Starting from the ground up, albeit with spare parts. NobodyOne could argue that the Wick franchise is derivative, but its eclectic mix of influences contributes significantly to its appeal.

It's a franchise designed for late-night moviegoers who enjoy the genre. Sergio Leone, South Korean cinema, Bullitt, and the Wachowskis,

who first teamed them up as an actor-stunt double combo on The Matrix, are all influences for Reeves and Stahelski, who directed all four films.

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