James Marsden Pitches His Idea for 27 Dresses Sequel


In an exclusive E! News interview on April 10, the Jury Duty star claimed he'd "be down" to rejoin with Katherine Heigl for a sequel to the 2008 rom-com.

Marsden revealed he has a name in mind,27 Children." "Go!" The 49-year-old added that others want a sequel. "That movie curiously has legs," he said.

"Just a fanbase that people—when they talk about romantic comedies—you don't really see too many made nowadays."

Marsden stars in Amazon Freevee's Jury Duty as a heightened version of himself performing his civic duty.

The hidden camera comedy by The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky portrays one naive citizen persuaded into jury duty with actors, including Marsden, for a fictitious trial.

Marsden told E! News that he enjoyed "making fun of myself" and satirizing "entitled performers" in "The Truman Show performing jury service."

The Westworld alum said, "Sure, I take my work seriously, but it sure is fun to send it up. "jury Duty streams on Amazon Freevee.

E! News will feature Marsden on April 10.