“I can't. "I can't wear it": Ben Affleck Quit Filming His $367 Million Movie After Refusing Director's Orders.

Throughout production, there are often disagreements among the staff members. 

Fans rapidly share conflicts between the director and cast members on social media, even if they are sometimes required for constructive debate and better ideas.

One such infamous conflict occurred in 2014 during the filming of Gone Girl between Ben Affleck and David Fincher.

One of David Fincher's most amazing thrillers was Gone Girl. Rosamund Pike unquestionably carried the whole movie,

 but it wouldn't have been the same without Ben Affleck costarring. The movie Gone Girl is based on the well-known book that Gillian Flynn first published in 2012.

Nick Dunne, a teacher who is charged with killing his wife Amy Elliott Dunne, is portrayed by Ben Affleck. As Nick discovers Amy is the one attempting to frame him as payback, 

 the movie begins to become bizarre. Astonishing storyline twists in the movie keep viewers on the edge of their seats the whole time.

In Gone Girl, Ben Affleck's character, Nick Dunne, hides from media reporters. He hides at the airport in a baseball cap.

David Fincher-Ben Affleck Conflict

As difficult as it may be to accept, Affleck's argument with David Fincher is due to the baseball cap.

The actor was supposed to wear a New York Yankees cap for the sequence, according to the director, but Affleck steadfastly refused. Fincher claims that Affleck's "coming from Boston" and "not being particularly professional as an actor" are the root of the issue.