How to React in Any Situation to a Flirty Compliment

Compliments can be great, but knowing how to respond is key to sending the right message. The perfect response is one that shows charm and interest without going too far.

What to Do When Someone Calls You Cute

Share how you feel when someone compliments you, even if it feels scary.

Sweet Responses

Respond with genuine and sweet words to make someone's day special.

Responses That Compliment the Other Person Back

Give a genuine compliment to your date or crush by complimenting them on their honesty, humor, kindness, and cuteness.

Witty or Funny Compliment Responses

Responses to compliments can be witty or sarcastic, and can be brief if shy or uncomfortable.

Respond to a flirty compliment

over text by describing how it makes you react and using emojis to communicate non-verbals.

Responding to a flirty compliment over text,

You can say things like "I picked this outfit just for you," "I think you're really attractive," "I love how "I appreciate you saying that."

Responding ext can be tricky

"How are you" text can be tricky, but there are some ways to do both: "You're so sweet!" "It was a rough day, but you made it better."Keep responses brief and sincere if shy.

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