How Each Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected by the April 2023 Full Pink Moon in Libra

Don't be afraid to let someone else take the initiative and lean on your relationships, Aries. This full moon is bringing to the fore energies that centre around your contractual agreements, significant others, and capacity for compromise.


You're living proof that you get what you give, Taurus. This Venus-ruled full moon is bringing consciousness to the dynamic of your daily lifestyle and clarity on whether or not it is in alignment with your higher self.


Although you don't tend to follow the herd, Gemini, being mentally stimulated can cause you to become easily distracted. That said, your heart's desires and your connection with your inner child are being highlighted by this justice-seeking full moon.


Take a step back and assess your state, Cancer. Since Libra rules over your fourth house of rulership, this lunation is even more crucial to your health. While a part of you continues to press forward professionally and in terms of your sense of authority, another part of you is secretly yearning for harmony in your personal life.


Being ruled by the sun, Leo, means that taking the lead comes easily to you. However, this Venus-ruled full moon is making you question your arrogance by urging you to make room for opposing viewpoints and ideas.


You too, Virgo, have a distinct set of values. However, the full moon in April is raising awareness about everything, including your joint ventures and feeling of security. Your expansive ninth house of wisdom, philosophy, and uncharted terrain is ruled by Venus.


Wish on a star, Libra. However, it wouldn't hurt to reflect on the previous new moon in your sign, which occurred in September 2022, as comparable themes are currently being highlighted. Unless you made plans that are already coming true.


You are well conscious that things aren't always what they seem to be, Scorpio. But now is a crucial time to take this into account because the full moon will reveal something that has been concealed from your conscious mind.


Sagittarius, although friends come and go, occasionally they become family. This lunation, ruled by Venus in your sixth house of labour and deeds, embodies the idea of "paying it forward." When did you last call an acquaintance to see how they were doing.


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