Horoscope for April 5, 2023, Wednesday

No limitations apply to shopping or significant choices. The apex of the Libra full moon occurs at 11:34 p.m. Chicago time.

Moon Warning


As the full moon today starts to peak opposite your sign, be patient with other people. This only occurs once a year, and when it does, it causes conflict with your closest friends and family members. 

As the full moon peaks tonight, tension with coworkers, individuals responsible for your health, or even your pet, may develop.


Kids need your patience since they experience the full moon just as you do. Your pet also does. This is due to the moon's gravitational effect on water bodies, which causes ocean tides.



You can experience tension between the demands of your profession and public image and those of your home and family. You experience this twice a year.


Due to today's full moon's influence, be mindful of everything you say and do to prevent an accident.


Due to the energy of the full moon, some sort of financial issue could materialise. It might be related to debt or anything you owe to another person.


The only full moon in your sign all year occurs tonight, which is likely to cause more conflict between you and your loved ones, such as spouses, lovers, and close friends.


Coworker conflicts could occur today as the energy intensifies before the full moon tonight.


Today, you can have issues with your kids or a love partner. It could be difficult to manage a group.


You might experience a tug-of-war today between the demands of your career or your public image and those of your home and family. You can't win everyone over. You need to prioritise your family and home in this situation. 


You have a slightly accident-prone day today, so be careful. You might be emotionally preoccupied or agitated due to the buildup before tonight's full moon, but an accident doesn't have to occur.


Before tonight's full moon, there is a buildup of energy today that could cause issues with money, possessions, or something you own. 


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