Here is your horoscope for the week of April 3–April 9.


Welcome to your weekly horoscopeand welcome to a week full of endings and culminations! If life has been too intense or moving too fast for you in the past few months, you will be glad to know that this week,

The sky is in for a shift. Since mid-February, a lot of planets have been occupying the skies of Aries, bringing intense interactions.

The communication speed will slow when mastermind Mercury exits this region and enters Taurus, giving us a chance to regain our breath.

Enjoy having more time to reflect and reach the conclusions you want to until June 10, when things will return to their more civilised state.

The full moon that arrives around midweek this month is the other significant astrological event that occurs this week.

It will have ideas about interpersonal balance because it will occur in Libran sky. The work we've been doing in this area of our lives since the middle of February has culminated in this.

Be aware that it wasn't in your best interest if a relationship ends around this time. Some of our ties were intended to be completely broken, while others were to be fully mended.

The planets will be kissing in the sky above us on Friday night, which is a lovely time. By giving your heart to those you care about most, you may honour the adage "as above, so below.

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