Her Manicure Matches Lizzo's Queenly Mandalorian Makeup

True fans will remember that in 2021, Lizzo gave us not one, not two, but three epic Halloween costumes. Among them was Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda. With enormous.

Prosthetic ears, a silver wig, and face and body paint, the "About Damn Time" singer fully committed to the part. When she made a cameo appearance as The Duchess in The.

Mandalorian on April 5, the celebrity finally got to meet the miniature best friend of her dreams. The first image in the carousel she posted was a selfie of Lizzo dressed as The Duchess with.

Baby Yoda in the lower left corner of the frame. She wore a navy blue dress with sparkling mesh arms and a huge headpiece as her costume.

Her hair was styled into a number of box braids and twists that were woven together to give her a look that defied gravity. Lizzo's makeup was colorful. Her lids were blended with pink and purple shadows.

Her cheeks looked coral-buffed. Lips were painted brown, highlighting her eye makeup. Her manicure complemented her eye makeup. Her cat-eye-painted almond-shaped tips.

Were long. In 2019, cat eye manicures became popular with iridescent or metallic streaks over another color. Her nails were berry-colored with light pink streaks.