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Grande shares Lizzo's body-positive video after defending "thin" frame.

Grande shared a video of Lizzo in a bikini asking for an end to the "tired" talk about musicians' bodies on her Instagram Story on Thursday. She wrote, "THIS BODY IS ART."

In the powerful video, the 34-year-old singer of "About Damn Time" reminded her fans, "Do we understand that artists are not here to meet your standards of beauty? Artists are here to create art."

After defending her own "worryingly thin" body, Ariana Grande shared Lizzo's body-positive video on her Instagram Story.

Lizzo continued her tirade of critical comments about her appearance by saying, "I wish that comments cost y'all money so that we can see how much time

we're f–king wasting on the wrong thing." This statement was made after she had hurled a series of criticisms on her outward appearance. Please excuse us if we have to leave that s–t behind.

This past week, Ariana Grande, who is 29 years old, took to social media to call on the general public to be

kinder and less comfortable commenting on people's bodies" after she was criticized for seeming "worryingly thin" in public in London.

The star of "Wicked" said that she felt the need to address fans' "concerns" about her weight in a lengthy TikTok post that she made about the event.