GOP-controlled Arizona House expels Republican legislator

Liz Harris, a state representative, was dismissed from the Arizona House of Representatives on Wednesday for ethical...

...transgressions stemming from her decision to allow a conspiracy theorist to speak in front of legislators earlier this year.

The first-term Republican was elected in November, and her expulsion was requested because of "disorderly behavior"...

...that had caused "disrepute and embarrassment to the House of Representatives."

A two-thirds majority was required to remove politicians, and 46 Arizona representatives in the GOP-controlled House voted to have her removed from her elected office. 13 members voted against her expulsion.

CNN contacted Harris at her home and congressional offices as well as her personal line. CNN's request for comment from her has not received a response.

Republican colleague Lupe Diaz of Arizona cast the deciding vote to expel Harris, declaring on the House floor,

"I do not take this decision lightly. We need to have integrity in the institution. I cast a yes vote.

Prior to the vote, Republican Rep. Alex Kolodin backed Harris.