Google No Longer Supports Five-Year-Old Devices.


How do I use this old hardware now that Lenovo's smart displays are no longer supported?

Google has no immediate plans to update third-party smart displays. It's time to think about alternatives for your Google smart home...

 ...if you own any of the smart displays produced by Lenovo, JBL, or LG in the last five years. Yet another justification to avoid becoming a Google early adopter.

The information was revealed by 9to5Google, which found the following regrettably listed warning in a Google support article for making Duo calls on a smart display:

Important: LG Xboom AI ThinQ WK9 Smart Display, JBL Link View, and Lenovo Smart Display (7′′, 8′′, and 10′′) are third-party Smart Displays for which Google no longer offers software updates. Meetings and video calls may suffer as a result.

It's awful! Although these displays are technically third-party, Google introduced them and promoted them as the preferred method of interacting with the Assistant when it first appeared on screen.

The business began its foray into smart homes in 2016 with smart speakers like the Google Home. The Smart Display 8 and Smart Display 10 were among the first batch of smart displays it released in 2018, thanks to a collaboration with Lenovo. 

 When they arrived, Amazon's Alexa was the only digital assistant with a screen, useful for displaying cast content, answering questions, and guiding you through challenging recipes.