From Aquarius to Scorpio: 4 Zodiac signs that are fun and freaky in bed

If you enjoy having sexual encounters and are willing to try new things, you could be a terrific partner in bed.

It's also a good sign if you can demonstrate that you're self-assured, attentive, and eager to fulfill the needs of your partner.

If you are aware of the steps that need to be taken in order to reach your potential, you may also be fun and freaky in bed.

You might also be someone who has seen and read about a lot of kink sex ideas (thank you, Fifty Shades of Grey), and you would like to take those dreams beyond the pages of books and into your own bedroom

Aquarians turn into freaks and monsters in bed first. Aquarians are good lovers with many interests.

1. Aquarius

The fire-ruled sign prefers wilder sex, from alfresco to terrace. Sagittarius considers romance intellectual, physical, and emotional.

2. Sagittarius

Scorpios are freakishly good in bed, and here's why. Scorpios are fiery lovers. It's hard to match their sexual energy. They also desire sexually.

3. Scorpio

Their flirty, charming, and confident demeanor is sexy. These traits give Aries a captivating and dominant sexual drive.

4. Aries