Mark Consuelos' 'Live with Kelly and Mark' Debut: 'Hayley and Mateo Forever'

The first episode of Live with Kelly and Mark debuted on Monday, and it lived up to the easy chemistry that...

...viewers have come to expect from Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa over the years.

Near the end of the show, Ripa said to her husband, "Thank you for joining us. "You seem to have always been here,"

The 52-year-old Live Wire author made light of the launch, calling it "the beginning of a new chapter,

," and joked that Consuelos, 52, would be "joining me today — and permanently, until one of us dies."

The Riverdale alum said to his wife, "Thank you for trusting me to be your co-host.

" He continued, paying homage to their Hayley and Mateo personas from All My Children, saying "Thank you America, thank you — Hayley and Mateo forever."