Fans want Nick and Vanessa Lachey off "Love Is Blind" for mistreating contestants: Netflix's hit show's criticism

Love Is Blind is in a terrible mess, and we're not just referring to the disastrous live finale.

The popular dating program is dealing with new controversy just days after Netflix issued an apology for the postponed live reunion of Season 4.

Tuesday saw the publication of a report by Business Insider in which former contestants described alleged mistreatment by producers. Additionally, a Change.

org petition calling for Nick and Vanessa Lachey to be fired as hosts is gaining support.

What you need to know about the Netflix reality series' current scandal is provided below.

Prior season contestants who spoke to Business Insider on the record claimed that they were denied food, water, and sleep while filming.

They claimed that the filmmakers forced them to work 20-hour days. Additionally, Danielle Ruhl,