Eyes Through The Zodiac Appearance


Aries:Aquarius has dagger-sharp eyes and a predominance of brown eyes.

Taurus: Cows have a calm, penetrative gaze and feelers waving in the air, looking for food, sensory experiences, and great sex.

Gemini: The most important idea is that recognizing Gemini requires a visible sparkle in the eye, as demonstrated by the photo accompanying this post.

Cancer: Cancer-suns project emotion with their eyes, revealing their inner workings and influencing public figures, such as Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan.

Leo: Leos have cat-shaped eyes, but they also have crows-feet, and when they are pleased, they radiate warmth. When they are displeased, they look away.

Virgo: Virgos project calm and order into the world through their eyes, like Sean Connery.

Libra:Libras have flat, round eyes with varying hues.

Scorpio:Scorpios can be identified by their narrowing pupils when they are expressing energy.

Sagittarius:You can always tell if someone has Sag by the peculiarly pewter-like flashes in their eyes because this energy is particularly strong whether in ascendant or sun sign.

Capricorn: Capricorns are difficult to identify by appearance alone, but can be identified by their thought wrinkles and forcing them to look straight at you.

Aquarius: Aquarius have intensely blue eyes, which are a commonality among Western Aquarians. To create intimacy, look for a penetration of the mind.

Pisces: Pisces people are easily identified by their large, fish-like eyes and rainbow-colored color, which can reveal their soul.