Every zodiac sign has a complementary food, and I bet yours will make a tonne of sense.

You re probably a big fan of chips and other fast foods because you like to get right to the point. Like you, you tend to favour food that has a strong flavour. Your kryptonite is undoubtedly spicy food, so Hot Cheetos are unquestionably right up your alley.

Aries:Spicy Cheetos

You value taking your time while eating because you are the stable earth sign of the zodiac. You enjoy chewing slowly, which is fairly typical for someone whose astrological sign is Venus. You're all about comfort food and patience, so you undoubtedly love to enjoy a sweet snack like a cinnamon roll.

Cinnamon rolls, Taurus

You are all about foods that are enjoyable to consume because you are the playful sign of the zodiac. You can always change it up with mozzarella sticks because they are loaded with cheese and can be dipped in any condiment of your choosing. You don't enjoy eating the same thing every single day.

Mozzarella Sticks for Gemini

If you're a Cancer, I realise this probably doesn't come as much of a surprise, but you love seafood a lot. Anything from the ocean is undoubtedly tasty in your opinion because you are the crab of the zodiac, and for good reason.

Krebs Crab Legs

Your ideal meal is anything roasted because you are the sun's sign in the zodiac. You probably enjoy cooking anything that can be done over an open flame, and I can certainly see you inviting friends and family over for a cookout.

Roast chicken, Leo

Being a Mercury-ruled sign, you presumably enjoy finger foods a lot more than Gemini, the other Mercury-ruled sign. But since you're a little picky, a sandwich is a wonderful way to be safe while still giving you the option to change it up when you want a change.

Any Kind Of Sandwich, Virgo

Given that Venus is your ruler, Libra, it makes sense that you have a fairly strong sweet tooth. You love everything that has a little bit of sugar in it, and you might even appreciate making cakes and pastries.

Libra Sweet Yams

Jalapeo poppers are exactly the kind of dish you like to eat if you're a Scorpio because they have an unexpected flavour. They appear to be harmless on the outside, just like you, but they have a unique twist.

Jalapeno Poppers for Scorpio

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