Elvis Star Austin Butler Lost Golden Opportunity To Star in $1.4 Billion Tom Cruise Mega-Classic

Austin Butler completely surprised fans with his work in Elvis as the actor quite literally became the iconic singer. T

The movie not only got an Oscar nomination for Best Movie but, Butler also got a nomination for Best Actor.

To put it mildly, his performance as the singer had been powerful, and he quickly rose to enormous fame throughout the Hollywood business.

A similar instance took place for Miles Teller. While the actor already was a big actor before his role in Top Gun:

Maverick, it was not until the movie alongside Tom Cruise that he saw fame beyond compare.

Even though Cruise was in the film, his performance as "Rooster" completely managed to steal the show in several key scenes.

Miles Teller and Austin Butler were not the casting director's first choices, despite the fact that they both fit well in their roles as Rooster/Bradshaw and Elvis in Top Gun: 

Maverick and Elvis. Butler had gotten quite far in the Tom Cruise movie audition process before being passed over for the part.

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