Each Zodiac sign's best dog breed

Pisces, this pointy-eared dog is like you—full of surprises. Like you, he has a big personality and a flair for understanding and responding to emotions and making others happy.


Brave, determined, and fierce: This alert, attentive, and clever breed is like you—the strongest zodiac sign. We promise you'll be best friends.


The husky, a descendant of Arctic sled dogs, is a powerful, energetic breed that would suit your active lifestyle


Speedy Geminis need breeds that can keep up. These bright and talkative hunting dogs are swift and love to play fetch. You'll soon be telepathic.


Brave Cancer: Your ideal partner shares your creativity and spontaneity. Chihuahuas' quirkiness and bravery make them the perfect complement.


Leo, you're like this dog-shaped sunshine—a joy to be around. Golden retrievers are loyal, lively, and always happy—three traits you value most.


Aries will bond with this medium-sized breed that battles animals much larger than themselves. Shortsighted? Absolutely. Courageous? Yes. Aries is known for their strong sense of smell and bloodsport affinity.


As the smartest zodiac sign, you want a smart playmate. Japanese hunting dogs are smart and independent.


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