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During his farewell Live, Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend appears.

There was talk of a wedding and a rare appearance by Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend Aubrey Paige Petcosky on the final broadcast of "Live With Kelly and Ryan" on Friday.

Although they have been dating for two years, Seacrest and Petcosky, who is a model, rarely appear in public together. Seacrest is a well-known celebrity, while Petcosky is not.

After the sad episode aired, the brunette wrote a post for her partner on Instagram in which she called him "inspiring," "real," and "caring."

Under a display of pictures of the couple, Petcosky gushed to Ryan, "Ryan, I have never in my life met a more motivational man."

You make it look easy, but you are unique. You make me very proud. "Not just for your work ethic, but for your caring heart and genuine love that you give others,

 she added.Petcosky gushed, "Ryan, never have I met a more inspiring man," under a slideshow of romantic images.

I'm enthusiastic for your and our future phase. She added, "May every moment be full of presence, joy, and relaxation." “It gets better. Love ya babe.”

Back in February, Seacrest said he was leaving "Live With Kelly and Ryan" because he wanted to live full-time in Los Angeles.

The morning show presenter commuted from Hollywood to New York. He will host "American Idol" and his radio show.