Discover the luckiest month for your sign in 2023.


In 2023, those born under the sign of Aries will be able to easily let go of the past. However, accountability is required to engage in profound inner work and soul healing. You'll experience this release as a heavy weight being lifted from your shoulders.


Taurus will experience a significant confidence boost in 2023. Due to the nodal shift onto the Taurus-Scorpio axis and the potential for Taurus to steal the show this year, a Taurus sun will gain notoriety, admiration, and self-assurance.


This year, Gemini sun sign individuals should focus on letting go of the need to prove their worth. You'll start to feel deserving of your goals this year. This year, your relationships will grow stronger both inside and outside of your workplace.


Cancer this year needs actions, not intentions. It’s time to stop hoarding all the fantastic ideas you have and put them on display. 2023 will be full of gifts in your career and personal relationships if you can free yourself from the tight hold of stagnation, procrastination, and perfectionism.


Leo sun sign individuals will experience good fortune in 2023, especially around May. Jupiter's harmonic trine to your solar sign in May brings luck and wealth.


Virgo suns may find true love in 2023 thanks to Jupiter and Neptune's conjunction in the seventh house of partnership. Be open to divine love.


Libras may have felt trapped in their intimate relationships. In 2023, Libra will change. Your social group will accept you.


Scorpios will discuss Scorpio Alignment in 2023. Scorpios can try new friendships, romances, and jobs due to their steadiness. Scorpios shouldn't worry about adding structure to their environment—it won't change their free-spirited nature.