Demi Moore: "Bruce will leave before she does." Living with Bruce Willis during his life-threatening illness confused many.

Bruce Willis is a legendary action star who won the hearts of a whole generation with his "yippee-ki-yay" lines.

The news that he has frontotemporal dementia has broken and devastated his fans. The disease that can't be cured has now reached a point where it is more likely than not that it will kill the person who has it

As a result, each day that goes by has only made the actor's family stronger, more loving, and more well-liked as the entire Willis-Moore family becomes one in the actor's last days.

"It was Demi's idea": Bruce Willis's ex-wife Demi Moore is said to have planned for the dementia-stricken Hollywood star to have movie nights with old co-stars to keep his memories from fading away.

The Die Hard actor has a loving, caring family that most of his industry peers envy. Hollywood's most talked-about event was Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's late 1980s romance and 2000 split

After Moore was rumored to move in with her ailing ex-husband, his current wife, Emma Heming Willis,

And their two adorable children, the two stars have risen in popularity and gossip 25 years later.