Leos are about as dependable as they come. Once committed, they will always stand by your side. They are incredibly motivating and helpful companions.

1. Loyal to a fault

Leos have powerful, assured personalities. They may come out as a little too forceful at times if they like you because they won't hide their emotions.

2. Confident and Straightforward

Leos enjoy being in love and are not shy about expressing it. Leos will go above and beyond to make you have a wonderful time. They are known for their pride, flamboyance, and chivalry.

3. Born Romantics

Leos are a self-centered bunch that seldom ever pass up an opportunity to brag about how amazing they are! They become real drama junkies as a result.

4. Suckers for Drama

Leos are renowned for having great ambition and a strong desire for positions of power and influence. When dating, they seek partners who would encourage and support them in pursuing their goals without holding them back.

5. Ambitious and Competitive

Leos are strong leaders and independent thinkers. Their relationships also exhibit this trait. They enjoy taking the initiative and detest being told what to do.

6. Natural Leaders

Leos frequently crave approval and can be extreme attention seekers. They consider themselves to be celebrities and adore the spotlight. They can be highly egoistic and feel that they only deserve the best.

7. Attention Seekers

In relationships, Leos frequently exhibit severe emotional insecurity. They constantly worry about being taken advantage of or duped.

8. Insecure and Possessive

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