(WITN) - CROATAN NATIONAL FOREST, North Carolina A national forest that is located in the east has been devastated by a fire.

Since it was first discovered on April 19, the Great Lake wildfire is estimated to have consumed 7,000 acres of land

as stated by Lia Parker, the public information officer for Croatan National Forest.

According to the National Forests in North Carolina, residents in the vicinity of Catfish Lake Road and Great Lake Road should brace themselves for the effects of smoke.

In addition, the off-highway vehicle region surrounding Black Lake is closed until further notice.

The residents of New Bern have reported seeing what appears to be ashes that resemble snow falling from the sky.

According to Parker, the fire is currently 0% contained, however firefighters from the North Carolina Forestry Service and the United States National Forest Service are currently on the scene, and they have aircraft support.

"Fire personnel who are currently on scene will remain here throughout the night," said Parker. "We appreciate your patience." "Our commitment is one hundred percent."

SpaceX's Starship, meanwhile, caught fire minutes after takeoff and before entering orbit. Residents of Port Isabel, noted for its imposing lighthouse and fewer than 10 miles from the Mexican border, who live close to the launch location, were left to clean up the mess.