Clayton Kershaw has joined an elite group of pitchers who have reached 200 wins without a loss.

Clayton Kershaw's name will undoubtedly appear on many historical lists as he approaches retirement and eventual induction into the Cooperstown Museum. 

The Dodgers' victory over the Mets on Tuesday night provided a glimpse of one such event, according to the team's mythology. 

Kershaw stepped out like a man on a mission. Kershaw struck out three batters in the opener, compared to four in the previous two games. 

Throughout his seven innings, he was reasonably productive, albeit he needed a big strikeout to get out of the seventh with bases on the corners.

His remark reveals how badly he wanted to get out of that circumstance as well. 

Kershaw struck out nine batters while allowing only three hits and no walks. 

The Dodgers won 5-0 thanks to the lefty's performance. It was the 200th in his illustrious career. Kershaw's record is currently 200-88 as a result of his

exceptional pitching ability and the fact that he was fortunate to play for excellent teams for a significant portion of his career.