Christina Aguilera explores men's body image views.

Christina Aguilera considers "embracing sexuality" and owning her body in the toxic entertainment industry. The 42-year-old told Allure about her 7-year Mickey Mouse Club employment.

Though her profession started innocently, she realised how her body and the blurred lines were made to feel. "In this position, you'll receive a lot of opinions coming at you about your body,

your sexuality, what's too much, what's too little," she told the journal. "Most of it is from male and older businessmen, which shouldn't alter your body and self-image."

Aguilera realised that external circumstances affected her physique after "Genie in a Bottle" and "What a Girl Wants" made her famous.

"I wasn't creatively expressing myself," she stated. "Stripped, my second album. That was my truth about being me, appreciating my body, and being a woman outside of others' expectations."

"Playing with sparkle and cosmetics," Aguilera "was gregarious and over-the-top" and sang about "the numerous feelings of being a woman."

She aimed to encourage women despite superficiality. "I've always encouraged women to feel safe and comfortable exploring what feels good," she said.

"Embracing sexuality to feel empowered, honest, and out there." She pursues that goal as Playground's cofounder and chief brand advisor.

"I like being part of something that generates things that are not just pleasing but helpful for you and your vagina, which is our core," Aguilera said.

"Fun and painful. Start living. Vaginal rest. Pamper it." Summer, Aguilera's eight-year-old daughter, emulates her. "I watch what I eat and my daughter sees.

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