Kids need to understand when and why to express gratitude.

Appreciation is free and priceless, so asking kids why it's important to say thank you is more effective.

Assist your child in understanding the significance of showing gratitude.

Let your child experience the joy of receiving gratitude by showing them how to express it in relationships.

Model gratitude

Prompting kids to express thanks can help them see the effort and prompt a genuine thank you. If not, commenting about the giver's behavior in the moment can help.

Prompt gratitude Modeling alone

A good thank-you note should acknowledge the gift or effort, mention the giver's generosity, and describe a special part or positive impact of the gift or effort.

Make thank-you notes a habit It’s old-fashioned,

Silliness can be a great way to get through to kids. When my kids were younger, I would thank myself in the way I'd like to be thanked.

Use humor as a gentle reminder to express gratitude

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