Buckley: Celtics dominate Hawks, "We were locked in"

It's possible that you were unable to send or receive radio transmissions as you drove through the Callahan Tunnel late on a Saturday afternoon.

It's possible that the electricity ran out in your home, that you accidentally dropped your iPhone at the worst possible moment, or, well,

it's even possible that you overheard some discouraging comments from Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla and decided you didn't want to hear any more of what he had to say.

The Boston Celtics kicked off their Eastern Conference quarterfinal playoff series with a win over the Atlanta Hawks at TD Garden,

112-99, to establish a 1-0 lead in the best-of-seven series.

And this: after the game, Mazzulla was asked if he was "concerned" about what occurred in the second half, and he responded,

"I'm very concerned." That is the part of the answer that takes place before the team loses reception in the Callahan Tunnel,

we should pause here to point out that the coach spoke with such a high level of seriousness and added such a dramatic flourish to his words that, geez,

The American Repertory Theater over in Cambridge should be checking this guy out.