Which zodiac signs are financially savvy?

Aries will try anything. Impatient Google co-owner Larry Page sped up the search engine.


Venus-ruled Taurus enjoys comfort and beauty. Although working hard, they can term laziness "self-care." Taurus millionaire Mark Zuckerberg makes acquaintances and connecting easy, yet he fights change at his peril.


Geminis can entice others into handshake agreements, used automobiles, and white-collar criminality. Business rivals are Geminis


Cancer is emotional. They hide their affluence and beautiful emotions. Sir Richard Branson's $3 billion global warming pledge displays Cancer's compassion.


Virgo rules. Leaders and owners, Virgos think they can clean and make decisions better. "Ownership affects everything," says billionaire Tyler Perry. My lights. My sets. The difference. I earn more since I own everything.”


Libras seduce. Libra's Venus. “Who made everyone wish they had a horse and mallet and riding whip, but persuaded us to be delighted with a shirt instead” is Libra designer billionaire Ralph Lauren.


Scorpions naturally recognize and use others' talents. Scorpio, Steve Jobs' widow, rules the eighth house of sex, death, and inheritance.


Business and relationship-savvy Capricorns. Caps roll coins. Capt. Howard Hughes created flying boats and observed his younger lovers.


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