Beware of the Biggest Liars in These Four Zodiac Signs

When did you last lie to someone? I'll bet my horoscope! Don't guess the zodiac's best liars. Lying requires skill. Why lie?

Like me, a Cancer who giggles mid-lie, dishonesty is founded on the stars. Mars and Mercury in a birth chart may indicate defensiveness and communication skills.

Are you Virgo-honest but Pisces-kind? If you're bad, you could be a world-class liar.

See if you "never lie" on social media. Isn't showing the highlights sometimes lying? Is that a real smile underneath all those filters,

r were you faking to enjoy staying in and preparing dinner last weekend? Just saying! Social media promotes lying. Some lie more elaborately than others.

Scorpios lie well because of their dark nature (Read: the spooky and the occult). Pluto (Hades) rules Scorpio. One of your Scorpio buddies may be a witch. Because they're fixed water signs, stinging scorpions can use their emotions to transform


Libras lie well because they prefer resolving problems. Libras—cardinal air signs—keep friendships and conversations light. Libras soothe everyone even if it drives them insane. Libras lie.


Aquarians aren't easily duped. If you've ever looked at someone at a bar or party and couldn't interpret their vibe, they're an Aquarius. Never discuss conspiracies with Aquarians, the zodiac's mystics and weirdos. Believe me. Aquarius poker faces are ideal. Aquarian air.


Caps lie well because they prioritize productivity. Capricorns lie to finish fast. Libras are cardinal earth signs. Capricorn leaders may keep grounded in adverse circumstances (like our extraterrestrial Aquarians)


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