Best Match For An Aries Woman

Here are some potential partners for an Aries woman, based on the characteristics .

Personality that are connected with the other solar signs that follow.

When these fire signs meet, they fall in love. Leos are confident and enthusiastic. His vitality attracts Aries women. He's strict at work but loving at home. Family dude.

2. Aries and Leo

Sagittarius men are daring, outgoing, and future-focused. He's easily smitten. He's vibrant and robust, perfect for the passionate Aries woman.

3. Aries and Sagittarius

Geminis are curious and talkative. He enjoys gathering and sharing data. Love makes him restless and bored.

4. Aries/Gemini

Uranus rules Aquarius, making him magnetic and complex. He is a visionary and justice-seeker like other air signs. His passion attracts the social justice-minded Aries woman.

5. Aries/Aquarius

Scorpios are passionate. He hides his sentiments until he trusts a devoted, passionate partner. Like Aries, he is ruled by Mars, making this a highly sexual and dramatic pairing.

6. Aries, Scorpio