Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Golden retrievers are famous for their sweet, caring natures. Pete Lands, DVM, head of emergency and critical care at Saint Francis Veterinary Clinic, says they can relax at home or explore in the woods.

Golden retriever

Labs are great family dogs despite their intimidating size. Doctor. Emmett thinks Labrador retrievers are reliable family pets. This breed is ideal for active outdoor lifestyles and children who like to run, throw balls, and play Frisbee.


Don't be afraid of shelter pets' pasts. Many rescue dogs are gentle, kind, and grateful for a lovely family with kids. Some are even potty-trained. Dr. Emmett says most shelters offer "meet-and-greet" times so you and your child can meet potential dogs.

Rescue dogs

These cute, sensitive group animals need companionship. Because they're affectionate, playful, and funny, the American Kennel Club calls these charmers the greatest dogs for kids and families.


Do you enjoy family beach Frisbee or jogging? Irish setters are ideal for you. Royal and lively, this type weighs 50 to 70 pounds and lives a long time, so they can grow up with your kids. Irish setters are fantastic family dogs, nice with kids, active, and great for first-time owners.

Irish setter

Frenchies are small but big-hearted. French bulldogs are companion dogs with funny "bat" ears. Frenchies are great apartment dogs and enjoy kids. French bulldogs are more patient with Halloween costumes.

French bulldog

You'll never feel vulnerable again if you adopt a boxer. These active, medium-sized dogs enjoy to play yet are very devoted and protective of their loved ones. In warmer conditions, avoid overexerting them.


These low-shedding furballs are one of the friendliest dog breeds and great for families. Bichon frises are friendly, playful, and great playmates for active kids. If walked often, they make good city dogs.


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