Bengals RB Joe Mixon pleads not guilty to menacing charge

Court records showed that Bengals running back Joe Mixon pled not guilty to one count of aggravated threatening.

According to Hamilton County court records, Mixon was let go with a $10,000 bond, and he asked for a jury hearing. He was told not to talk to the woman at all.

The request was made by Mixon's lawyers on Wednesday morning, which was his first day in court for the claimed incident that happened on January 21.

 It's the same case that the city prosecutor's office threw out before it was brought up again on April 7.

"We won't try this case on the steps of the courts or in the news. One of Mixon's lawyers, Merlyn Shiverdecker, said, "We'll try it in court."

An statement from the city of Cincinnati says that Mixon pointed a gun at a woman and threatened to shoot her in the face.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Mixon was on his way to the team's offices as the Bengals got ready to go to Buffalo for an AFC divisional playoff game.

At first, the case was thrown out less than 24 hours after the charge was brought. Mixon's agent, Peter Schaffer, told ESPN and other news sources that the accusation was "rushing to judgments."

 At the time, city officials said that there was a chance that the charge could be resubmitted if more research was done.