Because they live life to the fullest, these three zodiac signs will have the luckiest week.

Reach for the stars because there is nowhere to go but up and forward from here! You are being energized by your solar season, which is also advancing your spiritual development.


Despite the fact that Chiron has made you aware of your vulnerabilities and core wounds, you are overcoming your resentment and becoming more aware of your inner strength as a result.

The moon is roving through your expansive ninth house of self-discovery at the beginning of the week, joining forces with fortunate Jupiter in your sign. Embrace your natural leadership.

Style by following your gut. Make sure to mark it on your calendar because things will get even better because the sun will be in your sign the following day, conjunct Jupiter, which will increase your blessings and favor.

Consider your objectives and achievements. Your heart serves as your compass, and you are fully aware of your direction. You're not alone if you're feeling like yourself at the beginning of the week.


You can only imagine what transpires when the moon in Sagittarius dances with lucky Jupiter via your intrepid ninth house of experiences since the moon in Sagittarius amps up the heat whether it be via travel or when hanging out with classmates.

This week, you have a lot to be happy about, and you probably want to shout it from the rooftops. This is particularly true at the start of the week, when the moon transits through your sign and harmonizes with your planetary ruler, Jupiter,


Via your fifth house of love, creativity, passion projects, and self-expression, making your emotions seem larger than life itself. If you don't find a way to channel this exhilarating energy, the momentum will pass you by.