Bebe Rexha Is 'Discouraged' After 'Upsetting' TikTok Search Suggestion About Her Weight

Bebe Rexha has admitted that she was "discouraged" by remarks made about her weight on social media.

The 33-year-old singer shared a screenshot from a TikTok video of herself on Sunday in which the search bar,

which pops up based on trending searches, read "Bebe Rexha weight."

She tweeted, "Seeing that search bar is so depressing." "Because it's true, I'm not angry.

I did eat more. But it's just bad. I appreciate everyone who has always loved me.

"I've had issues with my weight my entire life. A bitch enjoys food, she continued.

The singer was then informed by one of her fans that her images had recently been used for weight loss advertisements, which she described as "just messed up."