Based on your astrological sign, what kind of ex-girlfriend are you

The Aries ex will move on with alarming speed and ruthless abandon as a coping strategy. They will appear at your favourite pub, tacless when injured and most of the time.


Cancers are famously difficult to let go of. Like Ariana Thank You, Next" Grande, they can't help but look back on the good moments and ignore the garbage. That person is still texting their ex-partner's mother.


As usual, Virgo will insist that everything is fine, even and particularly when it's not. For the Virgo ex, healing assumes the form of ceremonial purification, such as deleting their ex from social media.


She won't be alone for very long if she's lonely right now, to paraphrase a popular country song. Moving forward is largely painless and enjoyable for Sagittairans because they are allergic to taking responsibility and as a result, they have no remorse.


When a Pisces falls out of love, they react with the same intensity as when they first fell in love, and things quickly turn violent. In the aftermath of heartbreak, they are absolutely shameless, switching between lengthy texts filled with Pablo Neruda quotes and full-on emotional combat.


Stalking, damaging things, and basically giving their ex the upper hand. A Pisces can easily weaponize sex, and these individuals won't think twice about f king all of your.

Pals and even your new partner. Be kind and you'll receive kindness; be harsh and you'll succumb.

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