Astrologers' Prediction for the Zodiac Sign with the Most Emotion

Some people are so sensitive that just being around them is an emotional roller coaster. They'll share their inner thoughts with you throughout your time together,

help you sort through a moral dilemma, and perhaps even make you cry because a sunset is "too beautiful" or a puppy is "too cute." 

These folks undoubtedly experience everything—the wonderful, the horrible, and the seemingly unimportant.

It's interesting that their horoscope signs could explain their intensely sensitive personalities. Here,

astrologers reveal the emotional characteristics of each sign of the zodiac, ranging from the moderately sensitive to the overly hysterical.

This honest, hardworking earth sign is not overtly emotional, but it does have a vibrant inner life. "Capricorns tend to overthink problems which can lead them to worry," explains Tara Bennet, a professional astrologer and spiritual counselor at MediumChat.


Sagittarius is a well-known party animal who is also impetuous, active, and clever, qualities that can occasionally cause emotional outbursts.


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is known for its "me first" mentality. "Highly emotional, passionate, and carefree, this zodiac sign will leap into the flames just to satiate their urges," claims Hayes. 


Unsurprisingly, the three water signs are the most sensitive indicators on our list.


If Pisces is good at anything, it's feeling all kinds of different emotions. In fact, this sign is so adept at understanding its own feelings and those of others that it is occasionally regarded as psychic.


The astrological characteristics of Cancer make it the sign with the most emotional intensity. The cardinal water si first.