Astrologers named the worst girlfriends by Zodiac sign.

It can be particularly challenging when dealing with Gemini women. They constantly experience mood swings, and you can never tell when they are lying or telling the truth.


These people are very cunning when playing the part of a friend because they can say one thing to your face.

While actually thinking about something entirely different. The drawback of having a friend who was born.

Under the sign of Gemini is that she can easily spy on your husband and use knowledge of your domestic issues for her own gain.

It is rarely simple to interact with Libras. Your Libra friend won't be able to help you through any difficulties because she will talk about something personal, even if it is not very significant or important.


Also, if you tell a Libra woman a secret, it will undoubtedly become public knowledge because they have no idea how to keep secrets.

Astrologers caution against categorizing all Libra women, but they still advise being watchful and cautious.