Astrologers' Most Type-A Zodiac Sign

Everybody has at least one friend who is Type A. You are probably familiar with this type of person, who is ambitious, quick-moving, and has a propensity for being competitive and impatient.

Perhaps you can even identify some of those characteristics in yourself. If this is the case, then astrology may be able to provide some light on the question of why this is the case,

as certain signs are naturally inclined to have temperaments that are ambitious, urgent, and somewhat nervous. 

Continue reading to learn about the six zodiac signs that are the most Type A, ranging from a little bit competitive to completely obsessed.

Taurus people are frequently trustworthy, obstinate, and hardworking. Despite this sign's reputation for being hesitant to get going, it nonetheless exhibits a number of Type A characteristics.


Mercury rules Gemini on the day side, which gives them a restless mind that might result in Type A habits.


Leos enjoy being the center of attention. And frequently, striving for that limelight means working hard. 


Mars, the planet of activity, vigor, and initiative, rules Aries, and it puts in a lot of effort to accomplish its objectives. 


Do you have a friend who is always making lists of things to do and crossing them off in their daily planner? It's likely that they are a Virgo. 


You may have heard the words "ambitious, responsible, persistent, and practical" used to characterize the Capricorn star sign.