Astrologers' Most Hurtful Zodiac Sign

Although words can never truly hurt us, sticks and stones may be able to break our bones.

Sadly, as we become older, we realize that this rhyme isn't always accurate. If a buddy invites everyone but us to a party, a colleague rolls their eyes at us during a presentation,

or a family member makes a remark about our appearance, it hurts. It seems that folks who are slinging these insults may have astrological similarities. 

 Astrologers claim that some zodiac signs are more likely than others to damage your feelings. Find out who leads the list—from the mildly unpleasant to the remarkably malicious—by reading on.

The zodiac's perfectionists can't help it; they have a predetermined image of how things should be done, and when other people don't follow this, it stresses and enrages them.


The narcissistic Sun rules Leo. Since they don't use a filter or think about how their words and actions may influence others, they believe they are superior to their peers.


Sagittarians are the adventurous, globetrotting sign of the zodiac, and they often have no trouble meeting new friends.


Geminis are well-known gossips, so it's not surprising they made this list. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules them, although they have a tendency to talk excessively.


"Whether an Aries is trying to hurt your feelings or not is irrelevant," asserts Santos. 


Scorpios are perceptive and intellectual, but their major issue is that they lack confidence in others, according to astrologer and Best of Psychic Reader creator Emily Newman.