Aquarius to Leo: These signs mimic tears to win fights with their partners.

Disagreements are all too typical in relationships and most couples have efficient strategies to settle fights to make up with each other.

While some try to use healthy tactics to resolve fights fast,

There are certain couples who resort to poisonous ways to make their partner feel guilty for hurting them.

From Aquarius to Aries, see zodiac signs who will cry false tears to win a disagreement with their lover.

Aquarius prefer quality time with their partner over extended disputes. They employ reasoning and straightforward communication to end arguments that linger on. If this fails, they simulate tears to make their partner feel terrible and like the row has overwhelmed the Aquarius emotionally.


Certain zodiac signs obsess with being right. Even with family, they can't lose a fight. When losing often, this zodiac sign cries. This is to seek pity and be pampered by their admirer instead of being proven wrong.Most couples can resolve disagreements and reconcile.


Scorpios can easily manipulate their partners. If they are dating a sensitive person, they know that fake tears will stop the dispute and let them win.