April 5 Horoscopes: 3 Zodiac Signs Are "Luckiest In Love"

Mars sextile the Nodes, a rare and intriguing transit, will occur on April 5, 2023. This alludes to a particular astrological alignment of the planet Mars and the lunar Nodes.

The Moon's orbit crosses the Sun's path around the Earth at two points in space known as the lunar nodes, often referred to as the North and South Nodes. 

A sense of motivation or aggressiveness in regards to relationships and love may be brought on by this transit. 

We might discover that we wish to act on those suppressed urges and finally make progress in terms of our relationships.

We can carry out what we feel is our karma or destiny when Mars is in sextile to the Node. 

And a significant portion of that destiny for Aries, Cancer, and Aquarius centres on love.

As Aries is the sign of the day and assertiveness is the word of the day, you'll be utilising your forceful will to achieve one goal: making your romantic partner happy.

1. Aries

Mars is square. Node offers you just the necessary boost to talk to your romantic partner about whatever you want to talk about, and as soon as you break the ice on the subject, you'll realise that they respond even better than you anticipated.

2. Cancer

Your prior behaviours, dispositions, and actions are represented by the Nodes in your life, and during the Mars sextile Node, you will be aware that some long-standing practises need to change.

3. Aquarius

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