April 2023: Your Monthly Horoscope

Spring is sprung! Have you noticed a change in energy? We are still in the ferocious Aries season as April begins. We're charging headlong towards a new era! But in what direction are we running? A few grounding goals must be combined with the runner's high.

Your task this month is to slow down and pay attention to what is currently in front of you because you always appear to be rushing from one thing to the next.


Everyone you know appreciates your capacity to be dependable and solid, but this month, your task is to cultivate an aura of mystery. It's not necessary for you to always be accessible to everyone.


Everyone depends on you to be clever and astute, yet this month your task is to daydream more. If you still don't practice meditation because your ruling planet Mercury spends the entire month in your unconscious sector,


You want to get ahead this month more than anyone else. Yet, your task is to schedule time each day for your body.


Your large personality has become your calling card since you never fail to attract attention. Therefore, your task for this month is to concentrate on being more purposeful about promoting oneself.


You always know the correct course of action, but this month, your task is to enjoy having a clean slate.


You have the ability to find the positive in any circumstance, but this month, your task is to acknowledge when you are struggling and seek assistance.


You've got a new lease on life ever since Mars, your ruling planet, left Gemini on March 25. Finally, seven months of crushing emotional and financial debt accompanied by worry and mental exhaustion are done.


Baby, it's still your birthday! You're going to want to treat yourself to a spa day in light of the findings from last week about your challenging relationships. EvenSagittarius though your sister and friends have thoughts on the matter,


You don't often allow yourself to become this chaotic, but the past few months have been a drag. Congrats on completing it! This month's task is to resume your list-making routine.


Your task this month is to sit with the question even though you always know the answer. Although you are under pressure to advance your job, the work you need to get done is at home.


Your entire skill set is superior vision of the large picture, but this month's task is to pay attention to the specifics. You are preventing yourself from pursuing your great aspirations due to some very genuine financial issues.


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