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April 16–22, 2023: Horoscopes For 3 Zodiac Signs Are Difficult.


There will be rough weekly horoscopes for three zodiac signs for the week of April 16–22, 2023. Okay, so perhaps we all had some inklings as to when the next Mercury retrograde will occur. 

Well, guess what, people? It takes place this week. As they say, get out your handkerchiefs because turmoil and disaster are about to strike.

Having Mercury retrograde in Taurus is not always a cause for concern, but there is always that 'however': this retrograde follows a lot of Mars and Pluto energy, and Aries season is coming to an end. Aries never goes down without a fight.

This week, we're focusing on the beginning of Taurus season, which for some zodiac signs functions mentally like a much-needed vacation. 

Because Aries is such a powerful astrological transit on its way out, it will also give us a solar eclipse. The fire and brimstone of Aries season may have been a bit too much for us to handle.

It seems as though Aries is saying, "Because I can..." As a result, we must be vigilant throughout the week of April 16–22 since trouble 'can' occur if we are not paying attention.

1. Gemini

When you think you've moved past someone, BOOM, Taurus season, a solar eclipse in Aries (of all signs), and a brutal Mercury retrograde come along and throw you back about a century. 

2. Cancer

You are hit at the beginning of the week by the Moon trine Mars, Moon in Aries, and the Moon square Mars. 

3. Libra 

No matter how much you try to ignore the influence of Mercury retrograde, you're always the one who has to deal with its effects.