Ant Anstead Posted an Extremely Rare Renée Zellweger Video

Fans are adoring Ant Anstead's homage to his amazing girlfriend, who he praised on Instagram.

Renée Zellweger is Ant Anstead's girlfriend. Since 2021,

when they first connected via an episode of Ant's program Celebrity IOU Joyride,

Renée and Ant have been dating. Even though the couple prefers to keep their personal affairs quiet,

Ant gushed over the Oscar winner's performance in a recent music video.

C.M. Talkington was shown a sample of Renée's most recent music video for the song "Two Steps" by Ant.

"Ren, you are completely brilliant," Ant wrote. A gorgeous and gifted genius! The most stunning and elegant person who...

...keeps taking up cool and inspiring initiatives with ease! the most awesome person I know.